Amazon Product Photography Tips from the Industry Experts

What comes to your mind when you hear Amazon? For brands, Amazon is a global pool of sellers and buyers where the competition is cut-throat. If you have your product listed on Amazon, there are chances that someone is scrolling right past your product. Why? There can be many answers to this. Why? The reason is unimpressive or unclear product images. Sellers must showcase their products in the best possible light. The product images must be crisp, and they should convey all possible details about your product, like dimension, color, or material. DIYing does no good when it is about capturing stunning product images. Instead, you need to go for professional Amazon product photography.

Professional photographers have many tips and tricks under their sleeves. Worried about the product photography pricing and want a sneak peek into the photography secrets of professionals?

Listed below are some guidelines on how to click stunningly crisp product images for Amazon.

Image Angle

The thumb rule of product photography is selecting the right angle. For example, the first image displayed on the product page is known as the main image. It must contain the frontal view of the product. The rest of the images must cover all essential angles of the product possible and there should be no blurs. The image must display exactly what the customer is buying.

White background

Other e-commerce sites have their unique background options to establish consistency in their product images, but Amazon uses a white background. Use a white background for all your products before uploading the images. Also, the white background can emphasize the product features clearly without overpowering the subject. However, if your product is white, you can tweak the tone of your white background slightly to distinguish between your product and its background.

The right editing

Editing the product too much or making it hyper-realistic won’t work out. You need to remove the unnecessary or flawed elements while keeping the quality of the image intact. Overediting can create an illusion that you are fooling your customers. So, keep all the minute details intact.

Amazon Product Photography Tips from the Industry Experts

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The bottom line

Science says that the human brain can process pictures 60k times quicker than text. So, ensure that your product pictures come out flawless. Your product’s image is your first huge opportunity to generate a sale. And in a platform like Amazon, where the competition is fierce among the competitors, selecting a professional Amazon photographer is crucial. Still, searching for photography professionals to click your product images for Amazon? Reach out to Ether Arts Photography now!

Amazon Product Photography Tips from Industry Experts


#1 Can I use props in product photography?

Props can work wonders in other photography genres, but product photography is different. Never use a prop or any additional item in the image. Establishing brand authority is about transparency, and professional product photographers understand this. Clicking additional items can confuse the buyer. So, only show the customers what they will be receiving if they choose to buy the product.

#2 Can you help me to retouch my product images?

Yes, we can. Whether it is about background removal or minor changes in the product pictures, we do almost everything that can make the end product flawless.

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