Amazon product photography rules you should be aware of

Amazon has really come as the future of the e-commerce business. With its roots set in globally, it’s a large business space for sellers and retailers to promote their products. Your chances of getting sales are definitely heightened at Amazon. This is why it may be the right time for your business to make use of an Amazon photographer in the USA. Such a photographer knows all the ins and outs of the photo requirements of Amazon. They can help you get professional-quality images.

The technical requirements
Amazon is a space for multiple sellers to sell their products. That’s why the competition here is fierce. If you’re planning to use Amazon as a selling point, you’ll have to meet the technical requirements of tier product pictures. Firstly, all the product photos need to be in TIFF, JPEG, GIF, or PNG format. No other format is allowed. This is because these are accessible through most devices.

Amazon professional photography service

The next requirement that you’ll need to keep in mind is that the image pixels dimensions need to be at least 1000 or larger in either their height or width. Additionally, your color mode should either be sRGB or CMYK.

The Site Standard for Product Images on Amazon
If you ask the best product photographer in the USA they’ll tell you that Amazon is very particular about its standards.

  • The image used needs to be a professional photograph of your product. Drawings and illustrations are not included in this.
  • The product must be clear and precise. It shouldn’t be confusing for the customer to perceive. It means that you cannot use any unrelated or additional products in your image.
  • Professional lighting is mandatory for your pictures. It needs to have a realistic color profile and smooth edges. But most of all, the product shouldn’t appear blurry.
  • The image framing is something concerning. Your product needs to fill at least 85 % of the image frame! For those who aren’t photography professionals adhering to this standard is tough.
  • All of your products need to be photographed on a white background. Amazon doesn’t allow any other types of backgrounds to keep the competition fair between businesses on its domain.
  • No additional, text, graphics, inset images, etc., are allowed by the e-commerce platform in your product image.

Thus, as you may notice, there’s a vast set of requirements for each product photograph you’ll need to adhere to. For any amateur photographer maintaining these standards with consistency is quite cumbersome. The turnover time may be unfeasible for your business’ marketing strategy. That’s why we recommend you hire an Amazon photographer.

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