Amazon Photography in Atlanta – Best Practices for The Largest E-commerce Platform

Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform in the world. If you’re a retailer of a consumer product, chances are a chunk of your business is coming through Amazon. So, you cannot afford to be unaware of the Amazon photography best practices you must follow. Hiring an Amazon photography service will ensure your conversion rate is through the roof.

Did you know, most of your buyers only read 20% of the content but view 100% of the images you upload?

Amazon Photography in Atlanta - Best Practices

Sales on e-commerce platforms depend on product photographs because the customers cannot see or feel the products in real time. The photographs and the reviews work together to convince the customer of the quality of the product. Many photographers are offering Amazon photography services in Atlanta that can ensure high conversion for your products listed on Amazon.

5 Best Practices for Amazon Product Photography

Parent SKU Main Image – If you’re an Amazon seller parent SKU is not a strange concept for you. But the tricky guidelines of the first image i.e., the parent image are often unknown by many sellers. The parent image needs to have a white background and it cannot just be an illustration or 3D rendered image. You need to use a professional photograph against a pure white background, without using any logo or graphic for the parent image.

Adding Infographics – Only the parent or first image needs to be against a white background and without any text or logo on it. So be sure to use as much infographics as possible without compromising the quality. Infographics will guide the customers’ purchase behavior. And they can also communicate the unique features of your goods.

Product Benefit Highlight – Add an image that highlights at least one benefit your product offers the customers. Addressing customer pain points through your images can differentiate your Amazon listing from thousands of other retailers on the platform. Hiring a professional Amazon photography service can ensure that all your product listing has at least one such image.

Add many photos – You can include up to seven photographs in your Amazon listing. So try to provide as much information as possible without overcrowding the images. Make sure that the customers can answer their queries about the product by viewing the images only. For example, using a lifestyle image and an action image will allow the customer to see the product being used.

Product size – The sellers need to be mindful of the way a product is being shot. If the product looks too small or too big the customers will be disappointed upon receiving the same. Additionally, it also influences the visual negatively; if the product is photographed too small the customers may miss out on important details or features. On the other hand, if the product seems too large that can put some of the features out of focus.

In Conclusion

Amazon photography in Atlanta has become a massive business. With every small and medium business selling its products through this platform, everyone requires professional assistance.  There are five best practices that Amazon photography in Atlanta can implement such as parent SKU main image, product size, adding up to seven photos, adding infographics, and highlighting product benefits.

So, are you ready to employ the assistance of Amazon photography services in Atlanta for your Amazon listings?

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