A Beginner’s Guide to Amazon Photography in the USA

Product photography is a common term, often used in marketing, advertising and photography. But Amazon photography in the USA is a comparatively new phenomenon. In today’s day and age, there is hardly anyone who isn’t aware of Amazon and other e-commerce platforms. Its impact on enhancing a business’s reach and revenue generation capability is significant.

Any web platforms such as Amazon or eBay are visual mediums. Therefore, you need to cater to the audience’s eyes first so, the photographs need to be attractive and unique. According to research, shoppers between 25 to 34 years require five images while shopping online. So, not only do you require quality images, but you also need multiple photographs of your product.

Benefits of using Amazon product photography 

  • Reduce returns and refunds – A majority of the return and refund request received by any e-commerce platform is due to poor photography. After receiving the product, buyers tend to see the difference between the photos online and the real product. This can impact brand image atrociously and hurt product credibility. So, to reduce the number of returns and refunds you can search for product photographers near me and hire them.
  • Increase value proposition – With the intense competition in the market, Amazon photography is a part of the marketing mix for any company. Effective and professional photography can communicate the values offered by a brand and product sufficiently.
  • High conversion rate – Once you start using attractive and quality pictures for your Amazon listing you’ll be able to attract better leads. Hence, your conversion rate will automatically increase.

 Amazon Photography in Atlanta

3 tips for amazing Amazon photography

  1. High resolution – Images on Amazon listings need to be high-resolution professional pictures. This is the first photograph customers will see of your product, so ensure it is unique and attractive.
  2. Multiple angles – Once you search for product photographers near me, you’ll find many professional photographers. And each of them will tell you to include images taken from different angles of your product. It helps the customer to get a clear idea about the product and its specifications.
  3. Occupy the frame – According to the latest Amazon guidelines the product or the subject of the listing need to occupy 85% of the frame. Using a white background for such pictures is always a good idea, as it helps to translate the true features of the product.

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Types of photography packages

Depending on the product photographers the following packages are subject to change. However, mainly these services offer the following packages for any business.

  • Classic packages – Classic packages include the essentials required by a seller for their Amazon listings. For example, the hero shots for the main image, individual product photos and lifestyle photos. However, it is advised to remember that these services can differ depending on the service provider.
  • Premium packages – Amazon photographers usually offer 4 to 8 listing-ready photos and the product size may vary from small to large. This package also includes hero shots including ghost mannequins and lifestyle images. Any business or seller must have a detailed discussion with the photographer to understand the photography pricing and the deliverables.

Hopefully, the blog has helped you to understand the nitty-gritty of product photography. Upgrade your listing and enhance your conversion rate with Amazon photography in the USA!

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