5 Best Jewelry Photography Ideas

If you’re someone who has tried to sell jewelry on Etsy or Amazon before, you’d know how incredibly hard it is to catch the attention of potential buyers. Well, you certainly can’t blame it on the websites; it requires a great deal of effort to make your product stand out among a million others. An attractive photograph has the ability to evoke feelings in your viewers and, at the very least, get them to check out your collection.  To take those attractive photographs, you can either hit the best product photographer in your neighborhood or enhance your jewelry photography skills.

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Here are the 5 best jewelry photography ideas to help you climb the ladder of success –

  1. Invest in high quality lenses – Detail is everything when it comes to jewelry photography. The viewers are going to zoom in and out to see what quality beads or gems you’ve used in your product. Jewelry tends to be small but features extremely complex and intricate designs. Needless to say, you got to invest in a good camera and high quality lenses to capture the beauty of your products.
  2. Get creative with the background – Focus on the background. It need not be white; you can experiment with different colors and textures to see what makes your jewelry pop and give it the kind of look you want. You can go for the classic white background, too, but make sure it does not make your jewelry lose details in the pictures. White beaded earrings with a white backdrop – not a good idea!
  3. Find a flattering angle – Position is important, and that includes position of your lights, camera and jewelry. Keep experimenting with different angles and light settings to see what works best for a particular product. For example, if there’s jewelry that’s not opaque, you can lower the position of the camera so that the translucence of the product shows through and creates more impact.
  4. Use a Softbox – Lighting is extremely crucial for product photography. A softbox works extremely well with small products such as jewelry. It will make the intricate designs of your products pop. Photographs taken with the kind of lighting that a softbox provides tend to be more even and softer-looking. Jewelry is relatively difficult to photograph owing to its reflective, shiny surfaces. But, a softbox can prevent any glare or reflection bouncing off its shiny surfaces.
  5. Consult a Jewelry Photographer – The easiest way to get professional-looking jewelry photographs is to go to a professional. Professional product photographers, like EtherArts Photography, have experience in capturing even the tiniest of gems. If you’ve just set up your business, investing in a professional would prove to be a wise decision. They have all the experience and equipment needed for this work.

It takes time and effort to build your jewelry photography skills that are on par with professional product photographers. These 5 ideas will most certainly help you reach there. Or, you can just contact a professional in a bid to save time & money while also getting the desired results.

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