5 best Amazon photography ideas to boost your sales

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world. The first thing that consumers look for while searching for products is their photographs. As such product photography plays an important role in capturing the consumer’s attention. There are thousands of merchants selling the same product as yours. All of them constantly trying to find new and innovative ways to showcase their product in the best light. It is best to use Amazon photography service from professionals if you want to ace your game. Professional photographers know how things work in Amazon. They will not only shoot you stunning photographs but can give you the best guidance if you are new to the e-commerce game.

best Amazon photography ideas

Here are the 5 best Amazon photography ideas which can help you boost your sales-

  1. Infographics– Consumers hardly look at product descriptions while browsing through Amazon. The primary focus remains the photographs. And you can make the best utilization of it by adding infographics features to your products. It is a way of presenting data and other relevant information in visual form, in a way that is useful to the consumers. It saves their time and helps in making a quick decision.
  2. Macro shots- Macro shots keep the sole focus on the products eliminating all forms of distractions. It helps the consumers to concentrate on the quality of the product. Consumers often prefer full and zoomed-in shots of products. It helps them to gauge the quality of the product, influencing their decision to buy.
  3. Lifestyle shots- A lifestyle shot is a way of depicting the product in use or motion to showcase the utility of the product in our daily lifestyle. It is a popular and innovative way of presenting products. The ambiance of the shot is an important factor in depicting lifestyle product photography. Contact the best product photographer now to get your artistic lifestyle shot.
  4. Dimension shot- It is an innovative way to showcase the size and dimensions of the product. For example, if you deal in gorilla carts, you can shot the pictures in such a way that it shows how many items the cart can hold. Or if you deal in TV cabinets, you can create a full picture of the cabinet with the TV attached mentioning its dimensions through infographics. Consumers find such shots helpful.
  5. Product in motion shots- It is a great way to hold the attention of the consumers. Sometimes if the viewers are confused about the utility of the product, showing them in use can help them understand. It is a creative and innovative way that many merchants use in Amazon.

Product photography is a crucial element influencing the purchasing decision of buyers. Professional photographers can be your savior. They not only know the best ways to present your products but can also guide you. In a world full of competition, only the best product photographer can help you ace the e-commerce game. Contact Ether Arts Photography for more information.


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