Shining a Spotlight on Elegance: Your Jewelry, Our Photography. Professional Photographer, EtherArts Photography offers high end jewelry photography for less.

Apparel photographer EtherArts Product photography offers extensive insights in to how effective ghost mannequin photography is done for Amazon FBA products.

"Jewelry photography is a blend of artistic vision, technical knowledge, and a passion for presenting it in an enticing way to leave a lasting impression, for a successful sale and brand recognition.”— EtherArts Product Photography Selecting a professional jewelry photographer is crucial for showcasing jewelry in the best possible light and attracting potential customers. Jewelry photography requires real high end skill set and time, which needs to be carefully selected. At EtherArts Product Photography & Graphics, one will find all the required and mandatory skills to get stunning jewelry photos. Here are key factors to consider when making a selection:
Portfolio and Experience: Review the photographer's portfolio to assess their style, quality, and range of jewelry they've worked with. Look for experience specifically in jewelry photography, as it requires a specialized skill set. Jewelry photographer Miami -EtherArts Photography has the high end skill set to accomplish this task. With more than 10 years of experience, their photographers do an amazing job and are highly recommended.
Technical Expertise: Ensure the photographer is skilled in using appropriate camera equipment, lighting setups, and editing software specifically tailored for jewelry photography. EtherArts Photography has the state of the art gear to make the jewelry shimmer as they click each image with lights and high end camera lenses set-up.
Understanding of Jewelry: Prefer a photographer who understands jewelry intricacies, materials, and the best angles to capture each piece's unique features. EtherArts photography understands jewelry very well as they have over a decade long experience serving jewelers in Atlanta, GA.
Lighting Techniques: Check their expertise in using various lighting techniques to enhance the shine, sparkle, and details of the jewelry.
Retouching and Editing Skills: Inquire about their retouching and editing abilities to ensure that the final images meet the desired level of quality and aesthetics.
References and Reviews: Request references or check online reviews from previous clients to gauge their satisfaction and the photographer's professionalism.
Communication and Collaboration: Assess their communication skills and willingness to collaborate to understand the specific needs and ideas for the photoshoot.
Price and Budget: Request a detailed pricing structure to ensure it aligns with client budget, and clarify any additional costs related to retouching, multiple shots, or extra services.
Turnaround Time: Discuss the estimated turnaround time for the project to ensure it aligns with project timeline for product launches or marketing campaigns.
Location and Accessibility: Consider the photographer's location and accessibility to the jewelry, especially if you prefer an in-person collaboration.
Contract and Licensing: Review and understand the terms of the contract, including image usage rights, copyright, and any restrictions on the use of the photographs.
Creativity and Innovation: Look for a photographer who can bring a creative and innovative approach to showcase jewelry uniquely.
Professionalism and Reliability: Ensure the photographer has a reputation for professionalism, reliability, and delivering on promises.
Flexibility and Adaptability: Evaluate their ability to adapt to different styles, themes, or requirements to suit client brand and marketing strategy.


Is it necessary to invest in high quality photography for jewelry on Amazon?

When it comes to jewelry photography for Amazon sellers, there are specific guidelines and best practices to follow to ensure product images meet Amazon's requirements and effectively showcase jewelry to potential customers. A need for Amazon Photographer who offers a tailored approach for jewelry photography specifically for Amazon is vital. EtherArts Product Photography has extensive experience in Amazon Photography and serves numerous clients in the USA. They offer Amazon Photography guidelines specific to jewelry as below-

Jewelry photography is a blend of artistic vision, technical knowledge, and a passion for presenting it in an enticing way to leave a lasting impression, for a successful sale and brand recognition.

EtherArts Photography

How does it help selling on Amazon store?

Here's how Investing in high-quality photography that adheres to Amazon's guidelines helps improve the presentation of jewelry products, attract more customers, and lead to higher sales on the platform.

  • Image Requirements: Amazon has specific image requirements regarding dimensions, file formats, and background. Ensure the images comply with these guidelines to avoid any issues.
  • Clean and Professional Background: Use a clean and professional white or light grey background to make jewelry stand out. This aligns with Amazon's product image requirements.
  • Multiple Angles and Close-ups: Include multiple images showcasing different angles, close-ups of intricate details, and shots of the jewelry being worn (if applicable). Customers like to see the product from various perspectives.
  • High-Quality Images: They ensure images are high-resolution and clear, allowing customers to zoom in and examine the jewelry closely.
  • Proper Lighting: Use consistent and well-distributed lighting to highlight the jewelry's features and minimize shadows. Soft, diffused lighting is often used for jewelry photography.
  • Macro Lens for Detail Shots: High end macro lenses are used to capture intricate details of the jewelry, such as gemstones, textures, and engravings.
  • Natural and Balanced Colors: Ensure the colors of the jewelry are accurately represented in the images. Avoid over-saturation or unnatural color tones.
  • Tripod for Stability: They use tripods to keep the camera steady and avoid any blurriness in the images, especially for close-ups and long-exposure shots.
  • Consistent Image Sizes: Maintain consistency in image sizes and orientations to present a polished and professional storefront.
  • Editing and Retouching: Use photo editing software to enhance the images, adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness, and remove any imperfections.
  • Image Optimization: They Optimize the images for web use to ensure they load quickly on Amazon's platform without compromising quality.
  • Compliance with Amazon Policies: They are expert at Amazon's image policies and guidelines to ensure that the images are compliant and won't face rejections or penalties.
  • Research Competitor Images: Research competitors present jewelry on various Amazon stores and aim to create images that are superior in terms of quality and presentation.
  • A/B Testing: Recommend conducting A/B testing with different image styles, angles, or lighting to determine what resonates best with the target audience.

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