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Highly Recommended Atlanta Professional Product Photographer offers Website and E-commerce Photography from $15. Amazon Photography White Background Images offered at Affordable Pricing. Jewelry Pictures from $15. Website photos on White for Handbags, Apparel, Jewelry, Accessories, Industrial and Cosmetics. Approved Amazon Photography Provider For Low Prices! Our professional lenses capture any product with great precision. We use the best lights and strobes to get the actual colors of the products. We use composite HDR technology to get sharp, hi-resolution images while maintaining the textures and color fidelity. Transparent, translucent, opaque or reflective surface, we work with great skill on all of these. Our photo-editing skills are excellent. You won't see the photographer's face, glares, unnecessary reflections in the items we are shooting. We go to great extent to justifiably enhance the overall appearance of the merchandise. Also make your photography process relaxing. BEST QUALITY IMAGES ON WHITE BACKGROUND, Or YOUR MONEY BACK!! Check our discounted prices at Pricing. VOLUME DISCOUNTS of $13 are available on select products. We serve Atlanta, Marietta, Cumming, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Tucker, John's Creek, Roswell, Norcross, Tucker, Lilburn, Duluth, Dunwoody and all of Georgia. We have a client base in TN, NC, SC, MD, NY, CA, MS, AL and Florida.
Final Product Photography Pricing depends on Type of item. Jewelry*- Fashion/ Fine
We are also called Product Photographer Of Georgia.

We are Official Amazon Product Photography Service Providers

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Try Us Out with 2-3 images before you decide on your Big Projects. We guarantee, you will not be disappointed!!!

Product Photography

We are white background product photography specialists. We photograph any product with great care and quality on white background. We also offer colored backgrounds. We use the best of the lenses in the industry to capture the details of each item. Any product photo necessary for online selling on your website, e-commerce websites like Amazon,, etc are offered at very low prices with us. Our images will justify the product. Typical prices start at $15 per photo. Volume Discounts available. Color corrections and minor editing included in this price. View our Product Photos

Jewelry & Watches Photography

Jewelry and watches require great Depth of field for the beauty to pop. With our precision Macro lenses, we are able to get best contrasts and bright colors. None of our jewelry photos will have unwanted glares or reflections. Our new Focus stacking technology guarantees best clarity for your jewelry. With a lot of experience with Jewelry & Watches, we are able to offer the lowest rate nationwide. Pricing for Jewelry starts at $15 per photo. Diamond Jewelry photography is our speciality. We will get each of those beauties to shimmer.

Amazon Photography

We are Amazon Approved Product Photography Providers. All projects for Amazon are done as per the's image specifications. We have served a huge clientele on the store and continue to do so Nation-wide. A simple product or a complex item requiring Action Shots- we are adept at doing them with great accuracy. On request we photograph products at 20 MP and above to guarantee clear crisp colors for the zoom over feature of Amazon. Our pictures will truly and justifiably represent your E commerce product and its use. We offer lowest quote as we know that you would need Multiple images of the same product. View our Amazon Portfolio

Handbags-Shoes Photography

Product images can make or mar your brand. At EtherArts Product Photography, we strive to get the best image for your handbags and shoes. With our latest HDR technologies, we can capture the subtlest part of the shoe or bag with great ease. Exciting display for a $10 bag can make it look worth hundreds of dollars. Hanging straps, special display requests or the bag inners, we can photograph it with great precision and clarity. Our handbags and shoes photography rates are the cheapest in USA.

Cosmetics Photography

Each cosmetic product needs to convey the right message to your customers. Our images will create the first impression of your cosmetics. We make sure that this USP is conveyed with great ease through our images. Clean, simple, neat display of your products is as necessary as are their Natural components. White bottles, glass, Amber bottles or jars of any size, we can photograph your cosmetics with best effect. Use of appropriate props related to your brand or ingredients can also be done for a more effective photo.

Ghost Apparel Photography

Apparel, Lingerie products are best when shot on white background. The display of the apparel is a great factor for a positive sale. We offer apparel photography in various styles- on mannequins, flat on seamless white background, stylised display on white background and Ghost Mannequin. The ghost mannequin technique can be complicated, but we do it with great ease and at an affordable price. Our pricing for the Ghost apparel is the Lowest in the country. Starting at just $17/picture, we offer the best quality and a quick turnaround. View our Apparel Portfolio

Industrial Photography

EtherArts Product Photography also offers Industrial photography at affordable rates. We have a large clientele in this type of photography. Industrial giants like ITW-Minigrip, ITW Fantapak, Venkel ltd, Bison, Solaris Paper and others have taken advantage of our services and the rates. SMT Passive components, Industrial paper dispensers, Industrial plastic bags, Lab glass equipments, Food service products are our photography speciality and we still continue to serve them. View our Industrial Portfolio

Product Animation/Videos

If you think that your product makes an impact when shot in action, you are right. Many products can showcase their utility or application through short videos. EtherArts Product Photography is adept at this and is able to shoot such videos. We are also able to create jewelry videos by using images and audio, thereby making the video very effective. We can also help upload your appropriate video files to your website. Also Image Animations can be made to suit your Advertising needs. View Animations/ Videos

Macro Photography

Macro product photography is an extreme close-up photography, sometimes also called as Microscopic photography. Very small subjects as made larger than life in this type of photography. Examples- strand of hair, a rice grain, a grain of sand ,shot big enough to be used for commercial printing. We use Macro photography for SMT passive components as small as 0.3 millimeters (less than 1 mm) products. Our Canon High end Lenses allows 1:1 reproduction ratio.For jewelry, this lens allows a greater depth of Field (dof).This helps get the crystal or small gemstones in the jewelry piece pop out more giving the much third dimension to the image. Most useful for diamonds, clear crystals and tiny gemstones jewelry, Macro photography does justice to the tiniest aspect of a product.

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Our Speciality Photography

Amazon, Jury Pics

We are very happy to be 'Official Amazon Service Provider'. We have being approved by to offer our photography services on EtherArts Photography is very conversant with the picture specifications of Amazon website. Clear, Crisp images are worth the Amazon Zoom-In feature. Typically offered within 4 business days. We also offer Jury Photos for Trade show entries.

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Volume Discounts

EtherArts Product photography is a white background specialist. We do thousands of images per year and hence are able to offer a discounted rate on big projects. Such Discounts are based on the size of the project. Typically a 100+ item is eligible for such discounts. But we will definitely offer you our lowest rate for other medium sized projects too. Check out our low prices & the discounted rates.


Simple Process

EtherArts Product photography makes the photography experience a relaxing one. No payment prior to previewing images(except for projects above $1500). View the images first and then you can make the payment. We have a very simple photography process.


What our CLIENTS say "....."

EtherArts Product Photography has offered its services to many great clients in all types of industry. ITW-Minigrip, Solaris Paper, Bison,.. and the list goes on. We are proud that we were able to and continue to serve them. Check out what our clients have to say about us....

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